Shahname Illustration Conference

Shahname Illustration 

Shahname illustration conference was held in
Iran for reviewing new shahnamehillustrated
editions from various illustrators around the
world. We designed the posters for this
particular conference.

31st Fajr International Film Festival

31st Fajr International 
Film Festival

Fajr Film Festival is Iran's annual
film festival, held every year in Tehran,
Iran. We designed the 31st Fajr Film
Festival posters.

10th International 
Packing and Printing
Machinery Exhibition

This exhibition is held every year in
Tehran, Iran. And since 2004, we had
designed the 10th exhibition poster,
this particular poster have become their
brand signature and every year is up
around the city.

10th International Packing and Printing

In A Glance 

We designed the brochure of
'Ministry of culture and islamic guidance'.
The brochure is called 'In A Glance' since
the responsibilities and services of this
organization are briefly explained.

In A Glance
Moraqa' Golshan
Moraqa' Golshan

Moraqa' Golshan 

Moraqa' Golshan is an album in book
form containing specimens Aryan
­ Iranian and Mughal ­ Indian art.
The album largely replaced the full­scale
illustrated manuscript of classics of persian
poetry, which had been the typical vehicle
for the finest miniature painters. The purpose
of this brochure is to showcase and explain
the history of these masterpieces and find
investors to invest in producing high budget
full book edition of Moraqa' Golshan.

Moraqa' Golshan
The Center For Artistic research and Studies Office

The Center For Artistic 
Research and Studies Office
of Undersecretary for Artistic
Affairs Ministry of Culture
and Islamic Guidance

We designed the poster for
'Assembly on Religion Aesthetic'
expressing the variant religious beliefs
in an unified center.

Iran handmade carpet exhibition 

Poster design of Iranian handmade
carpet exhibition.

Sina Gule Industrie


This is the brochure for cover and
spreads for Superstone company.

Mahak Poster
The 18th Fadjr Music Festival 2003
Bicycle run

Bicycle run 

This is the poster for the famous
four time Fajr International Film Festival
winner directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

Movlana Jalal
od Din Rumi 

We designed the poster for Movlana
conference which was held in Germany
by Ministry of Culture and
Islamic Guidance.

Movlana Jalal od Din Rumi
Shadlee brochure
Shadlee brochure
Shadlee brochure
Moein Binding

Shadlee brochure 

For promoting Shadlee's new products
and packages ­ we designed a brochure.

Moein Binding 

This is a brochure cover for Moein
Binding which their responsibilities
and services are briefly explained in
the brochure.

Elixir Enterprises 

We designed Elixir's brochure
explaining all the services
and performances.

Elixir Enterprises
Keeping Hope Alive

Keeping Hope Alive 

We designed the poster for
an event in Tehran called
'Keeping Hope Alive'.

The First International 
Painting Biennial of
The Islamic World

This is the poster we did
for First International Painting
Biennial of The Islamic World
which was held in Tehran, Iran.

The First International
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran Museum of 
Contemporary Art

This is cover and back front
of the brochure we did for the
famous Tehran Museum of
Contemporary Art.

Cordoue et Ispahan

Cordoue et Ispahan 

We did the poster for the event
that was held by Center For Artistic
Research and Studies about Isfahan
in Germany.

The Meeting On 
Applied Aesthetics

This another sample of a poster
we did for this particular event.

The Meeting On

Tavoos magazine 

Tavoos magazine is a bilingual Iranian
art quarterly magazine presenting visual
works of Iranian artists around the world
­ we handled all the design layouts.

Tavoos magazine
Tavoos magazine
Tavoos magazine
Tavoos magazine
Tavoos magazine
Tavoos magazine
Tavoos magazine
Research Meeting on Economy & Art Development

Kahrizak Charity 

Kahrizak Charity Foundation is a private,
non-governmental, non-profit, charitable
organization where physically handicapped
or elderly individuals with no financial
resources are cared for, free of charge.
This is one of the posters we've done for
this charity foundation.

Research Meeting 
on Economy and
Art Development

We designed the poster for this
conference which was held by couple
of universities in Tehran.

Kahrizak Charity Foundation

Laleh Group 

The year 2006, we decieded to
uplilft the packages and products
by introducing white backgrounds
with colour blocking to the work.



Pantene company in Iran came to
use to design a mini product catalog
of their products in Farsi and also
create a legal hair execution.

Nouriani Enterprises

Nouriani Enterprises 

We designed the poster for
Nouriani's 70 anniversary.

Iran And Greece 
A Dialogue Among

We designed the poster for this
event which was held in Tehran, Iran.

Iran And Greece A Dialogue Among Civilizations

Iranian Tobacco Co 

These are few examples of Iranian
Tobacco spreads in the brochure we
designed and took photographs of their
factory and products.

Iranian Tobacco Co
Iranian Tobacco Co
Persian Carpet Calendar

Persian Carpet Calendar

This is a calendar of a particular carpet
company, which they get produced in the
villages by the children as you can see
in the images.

Persian Carpet Calendar
Persian Carpet Calendar
Persian Carpet Calendar

Parviz Parastoui  

Parviz parastoui is an Iranian actor.
this design is for a catalouge about him.

Technology in Partnership

Persian petroleum  

Designing the catalog of the oil activities of the
British company Persian Petroleum in Iran.