Functions Advertising Image
Hurakhsh Advertising Image

Novin Saffron 

Novin Saffron is a private company in
Iran, which produces large numbers
of saffron to european countries. This
is the advert for Novin Saffron which
we kept the essense and tradition
of Saffron.


This is the advert of Hurakhsh Publication
this advert conveys the 4 CMYK printing process

Novin Saffron Advertising Image

Lux Soap 

We designed the billboard for Lux
Soaps in Tehran, Iran.

Billboard Signal Advertising Image
Moein Binding Advertising Image

Moein Binding 

Moein Binding is a book binding with
a rich history in book binding and text
preservation services.

Narni Advertising Image

Iran handmade carpet exhibition 

Design for Hali magazin advertising.
The designed poster shows an
Iranian carpet weaver, designed with
carpet patterns.


Narni is a product from Green Farm
Co. that features pomegranate juice
concentrate and we developed the
adverts for newspapers and

Hali Carpet Texttile Advertising Image

Coboa Plus 

Coboa panels are made of PVC
polymer which is a rigid material
with a degree of flexibility.

We designed billboards, lamposts,
and adverts for newspapers and

Coboa Plus Advertising Image
Fararang Art Publications Advertising Image

Art Publications 

Brochure design for Fararang Art
publication, Iran.

Mahram Advertising Image


Unicef approached us to design their
'children first' campaign. This advert
illustrates the notion of helping
and caring.


The brief was to design the label for
few Mahram's products, and also
promote the new labels in the adverts
by simple photography style.

Unicef Advertising Image
Kavian Door Handles Advertising Image
Kavian Door Handles Advertising Image

Door Handles 

Kavian door handles asked us to
design an advert for holidays.

Azaran Plastic Co. 

This is Azaran Plastic brochure

Azaran Plastic Advertising Image
Ofogh Print Shop Advertising Image

Ofogh Print Shop 

Ofogh Print Shop approached us to
design their adverts for different
campaigns ‘Extra Look’ and ‘Speed

Ofogh Print Shop Advertising Image


Tavoos is a bilingual Iranian Art
Quarterly magazine - this is full
spread advert for Tavoos.

Tavoos Advertising Image
Novin Saffron Advertising Image
Bimeh Alborz Poster Advertising Image


This is the second advertisment for
It was made for the Iranian Norooz.

Alborz Insurance 

Alborz Insurance Company provides
life and non-life insurance products in
Iran. The company provides individual
and group life, and accident covers,
as well as health insurance to people
and organizations.

Shekali Advertising Image

Mana Food
Industries Group  

Mana Food Industry Group in the field of
pasta production. This advertising for their


This is the advert for Shakelli honey

Mana Food Industries Group
Ali Binding Advertising Image
Azaran Tahrirat Advertising Image

Azaran Tahrirat 

Azaran Tahrirat is manufacturer of
office equipment - which provides
administrative services and office
interior decoration

Ali Binding 

This is the advert for Ali binding and


These are the designs we did for
Shadlee lamposts in Iran.

Parviz Tanavoli 

Parviz Tanavoli is one of the
foremost Iranian artists. Tanavoli
has long been inspired by the word
heech - meaning 'nothing'.

Shadlee Advertising Image
Shadlee Advertising Image
Shadlee Advertising Image
Parviz Tanavoli Advertising Image
Toffee Advertising Image


This is the advert for one of Toffee’s
sweets called ‘Fal’.

Bank Maskan 

Bank Maskan also known as the
Housing Bank, is a bank in Iran. In
2008, the Central Bank banned all
banks and other financial
institutions, except for Maskan
Bank, from providing residential

Bank Maskan Advertising Image
Bank Tejarat Advertising Image
Rafan Advertising Image

Tejarat Bank 

Tejarat Bank came to us to design
their 29th anniversary advert.


This is the advert for Rafan door

Mahak Charity Advertising Image

Zafar Print 

This is the advert for Zafar Print

Mahak Charity 

The Mahak Society to Support
Children with Cancer is a
non-governmental organisation in
Tehran dedicated to helping Iranian
children with cancer. This is the
advert for promoting their calendars
to help kids with cancer.

Zafar Print Advertising Image
Mahak charity
Mahak charity

Mahak charity 

This is Designing a calendar for mahak
charity with photos of the children there.

Homayoun Shajarian 

shajarian cover video music designed
(Homayoun Shajarian Bale Royayie Eshgh)

Homayoun Shajarian
Shailaneh canning company
Shailaneh canning company

Shilaneh canning company 

Shilaneh tuna photography for
the catalog
The focus of photography is on
tuna fish and the freshness
of the product.

Ramak Dairy products co. 

Ramak products advertising

Ramak Dairy products co.
Ramak Dairy products co.
Ramak Dairy products co.
Mahram company
Mahram company

Novin saffron 

This photography was done for the novin
saffron advertisement.


Mahram company requested advertising
photography for their products

Novin saffron
Export development bank Image

Development Bank 

Export Development Bank ordered catalog
and folder design for their annual report