Shadlee fruit juices are produced
from natural, pure and fresh fruit
purees and concentrates.

The brand design concept is based
on the principle of retaining the value
of organic fruits and vital sources of
nourishment and vitamins.

Milano Olive Oil Packaging

Milano Olive Oil 

Use of black and gold on olive oil is a
combination of perfect taste of
luxury. The combination of vibrant
foils and black is a premium
simplicity. Each product is depicted
with simple illustrations.

Narmeh Packaging
Narmeh Packaging

Narmeh tissue 

After 20 years - Narmeh company
came back to us for a radical
re-design of the iconic packaging.
The new packaging captures a diverse
range of textures, and colors
illustrated through an abstract style.

Tak makaron 

The aim for Tak makaron packaging
was to depict Italian heritage by
using the famous table cloth stripes.
Consistent packaging style was
developed which made it
recognizable in the market.

Deraje Packaging


This company offers toffee products
and all kinds of powdered desserts
to the consumer market.
This packaging design is done
for dietary jelly.

Pegah Packaging
Novin Saffron Packaging

Novin Saffron 

We creat a simple and luxury
packaging for novin saffron


The packaging design of Pegah milk
is very luxurious and simple, it shows
the combination of blue and white colors
and also the filling of the milk glass in the

Sham Sham 

sham sham packaging is for food products. This
design is accompanied by photography of the
products on the packages on a white
background, which simply shows the product.


Rang Binaloud Company is a manufacturer of
construction and industrial paints
The design of these products is based on the colors used

Noorsa Packaging
binalood Packaging


The heritage of pistachio is illustrated
through a photographic style that celebrates
the appeal of effortlessly tasty pistachio
and linking it to Iranian culture. The aim
of the project was to design approachable
packaging appealing to Iranian market.
The packaging is meticulously printed on
premium stock with sophisticated black, red
and metallic gold color inks, together with
embossing, and varnishing for a luxurious
look and feel.

Senator Tea 

Senator tea comes in classic and
romantic packaging whilst staying
true to its own history and name.

Noorsa Packaging
Senator Tea Packaging

Gil beaute 

The challenge was to create the
brand identity and packaging style
for all the ranges. Simple and clean
photography style has been
developed with a significant
background style.


Parmoon brand is a manufacturer
of detergents and hygiene products
The packaging design of Parmoon brand
shampoo is illustrated by the type of
plant used in it.

Gil Beaute Packaging
herbex Packaging
Parmoon Packaging
Electro Peyk Packaging


Herbax brand is a producer of detergents and
hygiene products
Herbax brand shampoo packaging is inspired by
graphic leaves, which shows that it is herbal.

Electro Peyk 

Electropik Company is one of the pioneers in
the industry of designing and manufacturing
protection systems in Iran, with the production
of quality products.


Dr. Motamedi is a dentist who orders the
advertising packages of his office according to
the designed uniform.


Simple design with gold printing technique for
Hayka tea packaging and different colors
designed for different tastes.

Dr .Motamedi Packaging
Hayka Packaging
Folic Acid Packaging


The design of the packages is ordered by Daana
Pharmaceutical Company, as one of the biggest and
most advanced pharmaceutical complexes in the region.

Golestan tea 

The brief was to create packaging design for each of Golestan
tea bag products. The design aims to achieve simplicity and
purity through a simple photography. We emphasized
the need of their range to be designed in a consistent style.

Golestan Tea Packaging


Mousavi Food Industry Company needed an uniform design
for their jam cartons, in this design, different fruits were used
for variety of jams.

moosavi Packaging